Sungai Petani Monday 21st January

Today was a little shorter than yesterday, with busy main roads to empty gravel roads it was a varied day of cycling.

Gravel road cycling

First we followed the main road, this had a scooter only lane as well as an intermittent shoulder making the cycling very relaxed. Turning off this onto a minor road the traffic reduced to almost zero, as we continued it changed to a single lane then eventually to a gravel road. This section of the route was beautiful and very quiet spoilt only by several piles of rubbish.

The main road out of Gurun

Modern rail network and trains

We often pass lizard road kill

Single track road

A steep bit of gravel road

It was very noticeable in this area there were no Mosques but Hindu temples.

Hindu temple

It was back to busier roads as we slowly moved towards the Greencity Hotel which is south of Sungai Petani, we passed through huge new housing estates, roads lined with food stalls, modern shops alongside more traditional ones. Many still closed taking today as a holiday.

Arriving at the hotel, it had a lift! no more lugging bags up stairs, the TV had two English channels again a first. The hotel is next to a large shopping area and a number of restaurants.

The Strava route today.

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