Letting the ferry do all the work, Kuala Perlis Friday 18th January

Toast and jam for breakfast, included in the room cost, the first toast in a while and the jam was even blackcurrant although not all that blackcurranty. Once packed it was a short 2 km cycle to the port building, where tickets to Kuala Perlis cost us 18 MYR each. You push your bicycle right through the shopping mall into the large airconditioned waiting area.

Waiting to go in the ferry terminal Kuah

The ferry was timetabled to leave at 10:30 am and around 10:00 am the loading of the passengers started. It is a passenger only ferry, there is a car ferry operating from a different port on the island. It cost an additional 40 MYR for the two bicycles, these were just lifted onto the back of the boat.

The bicycles had better seats than we did

The ferry

No not some strange solar event but the shading on the windows of the ferry

The car ferry not far behind us getting into Kuala Perlis

It was another enclosed ferry so you just sit in your seat for the one hour journey to the mainland. From the port in Kuala Perlis it was only 2.5 km to the Noor Botique Hotel where we are stopping tonight, the room is one of the better ones we have stopped in, a good size, very clean with a nice comfortable bed.

All that was left to do was get some food, first to a nearby supermarket where we found porridge, our breakfast of choice, and a few snacks. Then it was on to find a restaurant, there is a lot of choice here but after looking around we went to Nostalgia Honey, here we had a beef and a chicken dish with rice and side sauces which we agreed were both lovely, very tasty, good portion size with excellent service. They have a Facebook page HERE. After the meal we contributed to a video they were making and took a few pictures with Hanizah Hashim, the owner. All in all a very enjoyable dining experience.

A busy restaurant

Hanizah and Janet

The Strava route today (is the ferry crossing cheating?)

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