Langkawi a day at the beach Wednesday 16th January

This was the second night / day here, spending the morning and lunch just relaxing, sitting around doing some reading and planning the next couple of days.

Strolling down Cenang Beach

Around 3:00 pm we had a wander down to the beach and walked from one end to the other, it is a nice relaxing beach not too busy but there are lots of things here to spend your money on if you want to; jetski, banana boat, parasailing, even the humble sun lounger. Even though the UV index is E (extreme, higher than a 9) there were plenty of sunbathers, we gave it a miss.

Cenang Beach

More Cenang Beach

And some more Cenang Beach

After the beach walk it was food time, at the top end of the beach road is the western mega-chains Starbucks, Pizza hut, McDonald’s etc, we gave these a wide berth to find a restaurant at the other end of town where we had a lovely meal. Again a bit pricey in this resort area.


Grazing right next to our Inn

No cycling today but the totals so far look like

Australia 6500 Km

South Korea 1100 km

Japan 700 km

Thailand 1650 km

Malaysia 22 km (so far)

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