Goodbye Thailand Hello Malaysia, (Langkawi) Tuesday 15th January

Today is the last day in Thailand, we are really sad to be going but it is time to move on. Thailand has been a fabulous country to visit and a brilliant place to cycle, we recommend it to anyone, please visit. The people are friendly, you will always hear a shout of hello and see a smiling face. You can have the madness that is Bangkok and the beauty and quiet that exists just off every main road. Goodbye.

A view of Malaysia

It was an 10 km cycle from Satun to Tammalang Pier where the ferry leaves. You cycle along a flat road through mangrove swamp until the departure terminal at the pier. Inside there is one ticket office, two tickets cost 700 baht plus 200 baht for the bicycles. I had managed to lose my TM6 departure card somewhere but the lady in the ticket office just gave a replacement. Our exit immigration took a second, one stamp and that was it, gone.

The ferry

Last views of Thailand from the pier

We could push the bicycles across the gangplank and they were stored in the front of the seating area. Unfortunately we were trapped inside the ferry and could not see much of the no doubt beautiful views along the way. One hour later we docked in Kuah, Langkawi. We pushed the bicycles off up a ramp and through to Malaysian immigration, they were really friendly, chatting about our journey, we left there with our nice 90 day visitors stamp.

Being honest we declared our single yellow mango we had brought with us, these are on the list of things not to bring here but they smiled and said to keep it unless we wanted to give it to them as a present, we kept it!

Once out onto the main road, two things strike you, the lack of scooters on the road along with the corresponding increase in cars and the way everything was actually maintained, there was even a street sweeper.

We were that amazed, a street sweeper it deserved a picture

As we cycled out of Kuah, so many cars passing made you feel a little nervous after Thailand, soon it was up a few hills (and down a few as well) for the next 20 km into the Cenang Beach area where we are stopping, the Tokman Inn, for two nights. Three things you must do (I can hear Monty Python and The Holy Trail bridge scene) first get some Ringgits second get SIM cards third get a plug adaptor (Malaysia uses the same plug as the UK). Cashpoint = Ringgits (around 5 RM to 1 GBP), a very helpful local phone shop sorted us out with Maxis SIM cards 6Gb for 30 days 90 RM for two and got everything working, the supermarket and a gadget shop supplied the adaptor and USB plug. All sorted.

Excellent phone shop

There was enough time for a shop, beer seems to be cheaper here than Thailand but crisps and biscuits more expensive! We ate a nice if overpriced meal at restaurant (a definite middle eastern influence here) not far from our Inn. We did have a quick look at the alleged best beach in Malaysia, it is big, sandy and very commercial. We will have a better look tomorrow.

Main beach road Cenang

Cenang beach

The Strava route today.

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