La Ngu getting closer to Malaysia Saturday 12th January

Last night was a very comfortable night, we could have easily stopped in bed a lot longer. This is unusual in Thailand as the majority of beds are very hard with a huge pillow so you head feels like it is 45 degrees to your body.

We started by following a small road out of town before a short stretch on the main road. Again the side roads proved to be virtually traffic free.

Through the plantations and up to the hills

The “busy” main road

The quiet side road

Next we were winding our way south past rubber tree plantations before a climb up, never steep but always steady, then descending through beautiful scenery.

Nice transport

By now it was cold drink time and as the route took small less travelled roads, we stopped at a countryside store. Here we met Navumon Ponjavent and chatted a little, thank you for your kindness, before continuing on.

Navumon Ponjavent

It was not long after this that it began to rain, only lightly. But now we were almost in La Ngu where we would stop tonight.

After a little shop at Tesco Lotus we went to La Ngu Phupha Resort. Here the rooms are a little tired, just like Janet apparently, but clean, unlike Janet and cost 500 Baht, no more comparisons now.

Our room

Food was a little disappointing today, all that people ever want to cook for us is fried rice!

The Strava route today.

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