Kantang and a nice days cycling Thursday 10th January

Up and out by 9:00 am, it had been lovely stopping here in Sikao, the resort owner was very kind.

We left Sikao on the road out to the coast, it was quiet all of the way to Hat Pak Meng where it turned South right at the beach.

Empty beach

Still empty

It was nice to pause a while to admire the emptiness considering just how many restaurants and resorts there are here, as we cycled down the sea front there seemed no end to them. The North part of the beach was very nice and sandy looking but as you go South it reverts to the mud that all mangrove swamps build up. This does not detract for just how beautiful it is here.

Inlet at the end of the beach

Our road then turned inland and we entered the “tree tunnel”, the sign even having a picture of cyclists on it. Anyway it was a fabulous shady section of road where you are closely hemmed in by trees.

Tree tunnel like it says

Tree tunnel like it is

You can tell how quiet the road was when we startled two monitor lizards sunning themselves on the road, they were each around two feet long. No we didn’t get a picture, it is amazing just how fast a surprised lizard can run.

The oxen probably do not know just how lovely it is here

The road continued with its quietness but became a little undulating. As we neared the town there was actually a short cut we could take by crossing the estuary by small ferry for the total of 4 baht (10 pence). This made a perfect end to our cycling as our accommodation “At Kantang Loftel” was just a short distance from the ferry.

The ferry unloads

We checked in at midday but broke our budget by upgrading to a room with a window, it is surprisingly depressing to not have natural light in your room.

Once again it was food time and we headed for Studio Cafe which proved to be an excellent choice serving two delicious curries, a Thai Green and a Massaman.

Earlier today the mirror on Janet’s bicycle fell out and broke, the best we could find was a makeup mirror and a tube of superglue, let’s hope it works.

The Strava route today.

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