Sikao Wednesday 9th January

We didn’t rush out today but still left at 9:00 am. Today’s route was similar to yesterday, almost 50 km on different types of road.

The first section followed Route 4, even though it is a dual carriageway we did not see very much traffic at all and in common with our visits to the 4 previously there is a shoulder wide enough to drive a car along.

Turning off the main road it was almost immediately traffic free, it went from a tarmac surface to concrete slabs to dirt track before returning to the 4 for a last short visit today.

View out into a palm plantation

More dirt track

We had our break at a gas station (petrol station), in Thailand there are virtually no public toilets, so if you need to go the only places are at the main gas stations.

A bird behind the gas station

Then we followed the 4046 into Sikao, this was busier than the main road, it still had a good shoulder to cycle down.

We did pass a few dead plantations, intentionally killed and new palms planted

It took a while to find the accommodation, it was from Google maps and not on a web site. There was not even a sign indicating it was here. We just saw something like a “resort” and asked some people who shouted someone else who did indeed own the resort.

Costing 700 Baht it is a little more expensive but the room is brand new, perfectly clean with lots of windows and an outside patio seating area. It even has a kettle which seems to be very rare in Thailand.

Our own little house

After a shower it was a short cycle ride back to town where we ended up in a pizza place. The food was OK / very average, we would go somewhere else if we were here a second night.

Once back the usual sitting around trying to convince ourselves to eat another banana. We bought some, then had a bunch given us at the last accommodation then had another bunch given us here. How many bananas are too many bananas?

At around 7:00 pm there was a knock at the door, the owner had brought us some food. The fish was lovely, the one in the soup was spicy.

A meal of fish, Thai omelette and rice given to use by the resort owner

The Strava route today.

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