Khlong Phon Tuesday 8th January

Three quarters of the route today (that is 33 km) reverses how we got on to the island of koh Lanta.

Before we went anywhere a repair was needed as Janet had another flat tyre!

Eventually it was up and over the bridge then a climb up and coast down to the ferry. At the ferry there is a separate queue and ticket office for scooters, pedestrians and cyclists. 50 Baht later we waited 10 minutes for all the cars to get on then us and some scooters.

A last view of where we stopped

Goodbye Koh Lanta

Todays ferry was a nice red one, and in no time at all we cycled off onto the main road. This undulated it’s way towards Route 4, it was busier than when we came down (on a Sunday though).

Ours is the nicer ferry

Soon we turned off this onto an almost traffic free side road. Stopping for a well deserved ice cold drink, at the same time frightening a small child who burst into tears. He did wave goodbye when we left.

A drinks stall, you find these all over

A final 5 km along the 4 brought us into khlong Phon. Here we saw two more touring cyclists, they were hunting for a restaurant as there is nothing at all near Srikanlaya Resort where we are stopping tonight. They are going south as well, as far as Penang, you can look that up, your geography lesson for today.

At the resort we paid 500 Baht for a very clean double room overlooking a mangrove swamp, it looks a lot better than it sounds!

Not a great picture but you can see what the view is from the room

After showering it was a 2 km cycle back into town where we found a lovely restaurant, dumpling starter then fried rice and sweet dumplings to finish on all washed down with iced Thai tea …… Mmmmm.

Cooking our food this afternoon

The tide had gone out quite a way by the time we got back exposing a lot of mud. There were two people wading through the mud looking for bait to fish. We could see a lot of small fish. Crabs scuttled about trying to avoid being eaten by just about everything else.

Looking for bait

Two crabs about to get it on

A sunset tonight, notice a sliver of moon in the top left corner

More sunset

The Strava route today is:

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