Khlong Thom, lovely cycling Wednesday 2nd January

By 9:30 we were on our way, after being asked on three occasions what time do you check out!

After crossing the busy Route 4 we turned off onto a smaller road. Today would see us spend the whole journey on very small roads and tracks.

The nice quiet minor road soon became a nice dirt track, then a nice quiet road again, it was really nice cycling.

Dirt track cycling at its best

We turned on to another dirt track which started very well then changed into a less used track then a virtually unused track then stopped in the middle of nowhere. After some tooing and frowing we tried a different track only to be a dead end as well. Nothing else but to reverse, going back to the last proper road we crossed. From here we looped around to rejoin our route having added a few kilometres to today’s cycle.

Nice concrete and very quiet road

Still nice, a good dirt track

Less nice now a very neglected track

No track and ends at a wall of trees and a stream!

As we neared the 4 again we stopped for a cold drink and chatted to some policemen before setting off again on the quiet route. This is where we saw a dead snake, it was around 5 feet long probably a python, the largest one we have seen on our trip.


Once again we were soon riding a dirt track, this one was fine, a little bumpy in places. We must have looked very out of place as everyone stopped to talk to us and every house we past could be heard shouting “hello, where you go?”

One couple spoke good English and we talked with them. They warned us of a approaching tropical storm.

Not too much further and we arrived in Khlong Thom where we stopped, not having booked anything we asked at Vanilla Villas and now have a large very clean room close to shops and restaurants for 500 Baht, perfect.

Tonight we ate at Rarin Cafe and Bistro, the food was excellent and very well priced.

Today our SIM card runs out and after asking at the 7/11 how to top up, a kind young lady showed us how to use the electronic topping up machine. We had wondered what these were as we had seen lots of people using them, sorted.

Fancy an outdoor aerobics class? On the Tesco carpark

One more thing to do, looking at the weather. The tropical storm is called Pabuk and will make landfall in Southern Thailand. We are looking at where we are going or not going to next.

That is the day done, today’s Strava route is below with added wandering aimlessly in the jungle!

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