Ao Nang, back on the mainland Saturday 29th December

After checking ferries and where they go to and depart from, our choice ended up as the 3:30 pm large speedboat from Tha Manok pier to Nopparat Thara pier Ao Nang.

Scooters everwhere on Tha Manok pier

The other options all used smaller speedboats so a bicycle does not fit, or there is a longboat going to a beach North of Ao Nang. This would have left us too far away from Loma Place where we are stopping tonight.

We checked out at midday, this was as late as we could. The cycle ride took 40 minutes to the pier where we watched the world go by until 3:30 when we were loaded onto our speedboat.

It was fascinating to watch how everything gets transported on these small boats, people, scooters, ice, food, lobsters … you name it.

Giant lobster

You could tell when a tourist boat was due, taxis would suddenly appear ready to hawk their trade. There must be some sort of agreement between drivers as the appearance of chaos does seem to have order somewhere. Chaotic order interesting.

We did meet a couple of other cyclists who missed their longboat to Phuket due to a puncture, the only way back was on the small speedboat. They did get on one only by taking both wheels off their bicycles and paying for an extra seat each.

As before our bicycles were picked up and carried on board. This speedboat had four 250 hp engines pushing us along.

On goes a bicycle

A 1000 hp of wake

The boat passed Ko Hong an island now in a national park along with quite a number of very beautiful islands. Including James Bond Island as it has been known as since 1974, The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed there, this is in the Phang Nga National Park.

Ko Hong

We soon docked as our bicycles were lifted off and we made our way for a whole one kilometre to Loma Place. This is a fabulous place, lovely large rooms, clean, close to a nice restaurant (where we ate later) and convenience store (where we shopped later).

Longboats along the beach before Nopparat Thara Pier

The Strava route today, again it includes to speedboat section.

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