Ko Yao Yai, another island Wednesday 26th December

Hello Boxing Day and despite saying we would have a slow relaxed start we were still out just before 9:00 am. As our carried luggage is now a little lighter after sending some things back home, what do you do? You think about buying some more things. We had been thinking about a wireless speaker so we can listen to the radio only there is no TV channel to watch in any of the resorts or hotels we have stopped in (probably as they are always the cheap ones!) But the shop was closed, thwarted once more, we continued to the pier.

The tide goes out near the pier

At the Chianwanich Pier we got tickets for us and our bicycles to cross to the island of Ko Yao Yai by speedboat. As we had a 40 minute wait, we watched the loading and unloading of pickups, people and vehicles. I am sure there was some method to it but it was well hidden in the chaos that you could see.

Our turn was next, first our bags then our bicycles were manhandled into a well at the front of the speedboat, we sat inside with around 10 other passengers.

On it goes

First it was a slow passage past the multicoloured fishing fleet, then full power (there are 3 engines each 250 hp), the wind was so cooling.

No boring fishing boats here

The island of Phuket receded as we made our way across to Ko Yao Yai, there were two stops on the way, the first the very small island of Ko Kaynock then Khai Nai Island, both covered by western tourists enjoying the sun, sand and clear water. Both islands would be very beautiful without anyone else there! In fact they were still beautiful even with so many people there.

Goodbye Phuket

Ko Kaynock Island

We finished our 40 minute crossing at Loh Jak Pier on Ko Yao Yai Island. The bicycles again manhandled off the speedboat onto a blue floating pier which proved a challenge to get off. The beach here is lovely but almost empty, it’s all about location, location, location.

Offloading onto Ko Yao Yai

The empty beach at Loh Jak Pier

Only 18 km left to go, the island is not much longer than this, the accommodation we are aiming for is at the opposite end of the Island.

There are two things you notice, first all the local Thai women wear headscarves (it is a strongly Muslim island) and the lack of dogs (dogs are everywhere on the mainland, barking incessantly, many of them semi wild).

It was a really lovely cycle along the very quiet main and only sealed road on the island. Often offering magnificent views out across the sea. Then we hit a stumbling block, all the accommodation empty yesterday was now full, one of the full resorts called around and found us 2 places at the hostel in a shared room which we took. Once we were booked in more people were turned away from here, everywhere seems to be full up.

Cycling across the island

The hostel is very clean and well appointed (whatever that means, I just read it earlier and thought it sounded professional).

We had the usual walk around, down to the best beach we have seen, again lovely views out to sea. Then out to the pier which we will leave via tomorrow. Lastly grabbed some food at a small restaurant the day all but over by now.

Lots of blues and greens

Laem Had beach near the hostel

The Strava route today, we did not actually cycle across the sea before you get too impressed, just forgot to pause recording when we were on the speedboat.

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