Phuket Town, Pacific Inn Monday 24th December

As we found out today there are very few quiet roads on Phuket Island, everywhere is just busy.

One of the tranquil moments, a fisherman netting from the lake

The route into Phuket Town wandered around a little as we tried to avoid traffic. In the end we finished going down the main road into town, at least there is a wide shoulder here.

One of the few quiet roads we found

A field of pinapples

There is not very much to see or say about today’s journey very unexciting. So instead I will talk about traffic lights. One thing they do in Thailand is have a countdown to when the lights will change, everyone waiting like a grand prix start!

59 seconds until green changes 64 seconds until red changes, on you marks, get set, go!

By 12:30 we checked in to the Pacific Inn, as it was early we decided to extend our visas, we have the 30 day visa on entry which expires the 2nd of January which happens to coincide with a major public holiday, hence it is important to extend it now. The main immigration office is in the middle of Phuket town, here we completed a TM7 form, which asks the usual things, plus you need two passport photographs and signed photocopies of our passports, visa and entry stamp. Oh and 1900 baht. Then you wait and wait your name is called and we now have until the 2nd February, a loud cheer.

Only food and a beer to go, we thought to go to somewhere a bit more upmarket, Onechun Resturant. Janet had the Yellow curry crab meat soup with rice noodles, I had a slow steamed pork belly with mustard and garlic. They were both nice but could be better and once again your food does not all arrive at the same time one person could almost finish before the other starts.

The Strava route today.

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