Happy Christmas, day off in Phuket Town, Tuesday 25th December

There was no sign of Santa anywhere here, a normal working day in a country of Buddhists. The new year is when everyone celebrates in Thailand.

Much of the shipbuilding is in wood

On the way to the pier

The first job today was sending yet another box of things home, you need very little in this hot weather. The Thai postal service is excellent they box and wrap it all nicely before taking it to the counter where it was swiftly sent onwards to the UK.

Last night’s hotel whilst OK lacked space and a fridge, we popped into Machima Hotel where for the same money we have got a very good room, we moved out of one straight in to another.

We took a 4 km cycle down to the pier where a speedboat leaves to go to Ko Yao Yai an island off the east coast, we will be going there but just wanted to check that there is no problem with bicycles on the boat, there isn’t.

As it is almost day off from cycling we went walking instead, first to an english bookstore where we tried and failed to get a new puzzle book for Janet, then to a cycle shop for puncture repair patches. The old town area of Phuket is very nice, some lovely buildings.

Old town Phuket

Mural in old town Phuket

All the walking worked up an appetite, as it is Christmas the closest we came to a roast was a Hamburger! Followed by home made ice creams in waffle cones, the hamburgers were way underseasoned and the ice cream lovely.

Impressive looking Christmas burger

Happy Christmas

No Strava route today so just a final Ho Ho Ho🎅🎅🎅

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