Phuket Airport, Nice Nap hostel Sunday 23rd December

It was not the best night’s sleep last night, the air conditioner seemed to be all or nothing, icy cold or uncomfortably warm.

Nai Yang beach

The owner left a nice breakfast tray outside the room, eggs, toast, pineapple and spicy rice with beansprouts.

With this inside us we loaded the bicycles then immediately unloaded them, sigh, a puncture. The first tube fitted failed straight away (this was the one that did this before) and was consigned to the bin. By 8:30 am we were off at last.

Into town to get water and lunch, we have taken to custard filled buns, the custard being Thai custard.

Thai custard is green in colour and made with Pandan leaves plus coconut milk, a recipe to try here

The it was out of Thai Mueang on small roads along the beautiful coast, lots more of the empty sandy beaches and blue green sea.

Lagoon and the sea in the distance (Natai beach)

Empty Natai Beach

Passing plenty of large luxury resorts, lots of fish farms and more luxury resorts.

Fish farm complete with aeration paddles

22 kilometres later we rejoined the main road for a while, this is the only way to get over the bridge to Phuket, you did know Phuket was an island didn’t you?

View across Phuket bridge

The sign says it all

The airport runway is behind the wall

More quiet roads until we detour around the airport and to our accommodation tonight, Nice Nap yes it is really called this. The room is lovely only a short walk from the beautiful beach where there were more tourists than we have seen on any beach we have been to in Thailand.

Shock, tourists on the beach

Today being Sunday means there is a large market just down from the hostel where we brought a wide assortment of cooked food to eat tonight.

The sunday market near the airport

As we had some time and we have not had a haircut since we don’t know when, it was haircut time. An hour or so later we were both looking very respectable again, I do not think I have had anyone spend as much time cutting my hair before! For the two of us it cost 600 baht.

The Strava route today.

2 thoughts on “Phuket Airport, Nice Nap hostel Sunday 23rd December

  1. Dear Janet and Martin,
    yesterday we arrived back to Hamburg and today I read your cycling blog. I must say: Great tour !! Great bikes !! And you are both great with cycling!!!

    The pictures you made vom our Tuk-Tuk-Tour in Bangkok are very good. I copied them from your blog:-)

    We wish you merry christmas on the road and many exiting cycling days.

    Kind regards from Hamburg
    Annett & Uli – the proper Tourists!


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