Khao Sok moving inland Thursday 20th December

It was very quiet at our resort, we woke with a start much later than normal. Being a little later didn’t matter today as we only had 50 km to cycle.

Overhanging rock face

Most of today we cycled along Route 401 which even though it is a main road was not too busy.

The road follows the river, as we are going upstream it was mostly uphill, plus the weather had changed to sunshine (even though thunderstorms and rain were forecast they never appeared) the maximum temperature we saw today was 43.6 °C. After all our time here we seem to be getting used to the higher temperature but it is nowhere near comfortable.

Some assorted scenery pictures from today.

After around 15 km we squeezed in a very short detour onto minor roads, empty, peaceful, and very up and down. It was back onto the 401 then, the road passed through ever more beautiful valleys and the huge lumps of rock which left you wondering how the trees can grow on anything that steep.

Sign for a petrol station

The petrol station

There was our first elephant sign, not that we saw any.

Roadside sign plus advert!

I had my first puncture of the whole trip and our first in Thailand, the usual, a small piece of glass. Luckily it was outside a shop selling cold drinks with some shade! The repair immediately failed I can only think the forty degree heat meant the repair patch glue was so soft it never really set, anyway a new tube was fitted and we went on our way.

Not too much further and we turned off the main road to go into Khao Sok town, at the start of the road there is a list of all accommodation in the area, impressive amounts. The town is made for tourists, with lots of westerners here all to experience jungle trips, rafting, elephant rides etc.

One serious list of accommodation for a small town

We had booked Khao Sok Bamboo Huts Resort, where we have yes you guessed it, a mock bamboo hut for 695 baht including a breakfast. It is clean, has air conditioning and is a good size.

Bamboo huts

Tonight’s meal was really lovely at the Thai Herb Restaurant, it does have a very nice view from the table area.

View from the table

Today’s Strava route.

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