Ban Phang Kan Nua, Janrawee Resort Wednesday 19th December

This morning it was, guess what? Raining. We left the hotel around 8:00 am, retrieving our bicycles from a corridor at the back where they had let us store them in the dry.

A real steep hill the first in a long time

A tapped rubber tree

First task was crossing the six lane Route 401, once over it was on to nice quiet country roads. We would be on these all day except for the last 5 km where we rejoin the 401.

The rain continued for two and a half hours, mainly light rain but there were some heavy showers.

A temple idol along the way

A pair of these were at the entrance to a small town

The cycling was lovely, thick rainforest each side, palms (oil and coconut) alternating with rubber trees and the ever present banana trees. We did see a couple of Rose Apple trees, unusual fruit like a water melon and pear flavour combined.

We managed to photograph a spider, bee and butterflies today.

Common Jay butterfly

Glassy tiger butterfly

Golden orb weaver spider only mildly venomous, whatever that means

A black bee, 5 cm across, apparently do not sting

Eventually we rejoined the busy 401 for the final kilometres to our resort, we had not booked anything as there as a few places to stay here. The Janrawee Resort cost 450 baht, a nice clean room only a short walk into town.

The busy 401 not far from our resort

Making the short walk in to town where we had a very good meal, stir fried rice with pork, stir fried pork with rice (yes they are different) and stir fried vegetables.

This is what you look for when trying to find accommodation, the 24 is the giveaway

The day was just about done by now (still early for most people, but we do not really stop up late.

The Strava route today.

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