Phunphin, Lephant Hotel Tuesday 18th December

Today was forecast similar to yesterday, lots of rain, by the time we left it had just started to spot with rain.

Everywhere flooded

The road has gone and the track starts

To begin we cycled along a small road behind the resort, this soon changed to a track which was fortunately not muddy. Then it became a flooded track, we decided to wade across this section, around 300 metres of water, once across there was little more track and one more water crossing before the road started again.

Pushing across the flood

Just a little more to go

The rest of the day we continued on larger roads all with good shoulders making good cycling. The rain kept off except for a couple of light showers.

Over the last few days we have passed many people fishing with a square net in the flooded streams, they are trying to catch small freshwater fish which look like bleak.


Nothing here

This is a quarry

Swollen River, Phum Duang

By noon we had arrived at Lephant Hotel and booked in to another very clean comfortable room for 580 baht. Next the washing routine, us then the cycling clothes then the water bottles.

Next to the hotel is the Black Canyon Cafe, a chain of stores serving reasonable food, we had our meal here.

The Strava route today.

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