Lamet, Maruay Resort and rain! Monday 17th December

By the time night fell (last night) it had started to rain with thunder and lightning, it just got heavier and heavier as the night progressed. By morning it was still raining while we ate our breakfast, which was excellent (the breakfast not the rain).

A very relaxed pig, not at all troubled by the rain

A Buddha not far from Tha Chana

When we set off the rain had stopped and we managed to get 30 minutes dry cycling before it started again.

The rain continued, getting very heavy until around noon when it stopped, we could not have been wetter if we had cycled in a swimming pool! It was still very warm though so none of that “cannot feel you hands due to the cold” stuff. In fact the cycling was quite pleasant at 23°C.

The palm field is fully underwater

The impact of all this rain was everywhere in all of the plantations there were lakes of water, the streams became raging torrents of chocolate water but everyone just got on with it, whatever it happened to be.

Raging torrents of muddy water

We did turn back once as one road was flooded near the end of today’s cycle, even the detour through the town went through floodwater.

Floods everywhere

Tonight we stopped at Maruay Resort for 500 baht, a very clean room, comfortable bed and only a short walk from a restaurant where we ate a nice meal, Janet’s proved to be a little hot though.

The view of the main road from the footbridge by the resort accommodation

Today’s Strava route.

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