Chumphon City a shorter day Saturday 15th December

Only a short day today 43 km into the city of chumphon, this meant a very leisurely start. Breakfast was not a buffet type as per all the other hotels and resorts we have stopped in, instead you order and they make it for you which is nice but you cannot eat until you near explode like normal, it was also proper coffee not instant and the tea came in a pot.

Fishermen getting ready to set out

Out on the open road

The sea is still rough from the strong winds

Then we hit the road, mostly small very quiet back roads again through palm oil plantations and rubber plantations. There was a stretch on a larger road which was under construction (widening) But this soon passed and we rejoined the coast.

A new road under construction

Passing Nana Beach which looked a nice area with lots of resort type accommodation. The beach was nice and sandy and only had one other person on it.

The lone person on Nana Beach

A small town high street

This is palm oil still on the palm

This was / is the cycle lane, good job the road is empty

All to soon we headed inland towards the city, it did not turn out to be a road populated by thousands of scooters but a very empty dual carriageway. By noon we had arrived at the Euro Boutique Hotel, only one hotel so far in Thailand has insisted on the 2.00 pm check in, and checked straight in. They even let us take our bicycles into our room.

We hand wash our cycling clothes every day due to excessive sweatyness in the heat and sometimes 100% humidity. For any P.E. teachers out there this means the air is completely saturated and cannot hold any more moisture.

A stroll into town next where we brought some plain food as I had been suffering from “ring of fire” syndrome brought on by some very spicy hot thai fish cakes that it was probably best to have left them to spontaneously combust rather than eat them.

Planning time next, which route to get across to the west coast and down to Phuket for Christmas? That took a while but we are sorted now.

The Strava route today, if you have an account and want to see the route detail search for Martin N, if that meant nothing to you just look at the picture below.

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