Chaosamran Beach Sunday 9th December

After a good night’s sleep, we set off along very quite roads.

A temple very close to last night’s hotel

Lots of these fish farms

To begin with our route zig zagged everywhere as we cycled through an area of fish farms. It was here we had to go along a very muddy track, the mud that just sticks. Almost immediately it was pushing the bicycles and still they picked up enough mud to jam the front wheel so it couldn’t turn.

It all started looking like an OK track

Luckily it was only a short distance before the normal road began again. Here we spent a while poking mud out and cycling through puddles to get fully mobile again.

A sunday queue for the ATM

Then we could see the sea again.

Fisherman’s platforms dotted everywhere

A colourful harbour

The nice small roads continued for a while before the busier “scenic” coast road. There was a cycle lane for most of the way to our resort, for cycle lane read a wide shoulder.

Impressive temple dragon

There were actually some “view areas” which had seats which made a good place for stops.

We were passed twice by large groups of European cyclists on a paid guided cycle ride. There must be something about the type of person doing these trips but we hardly got a hello from them, very miserable.

On from the fish farms next there were shellfish or maybe shrimp farms, possibly for Hoi Krang (like a cockle) you notice some vagueness here as we do not have a clue what they farm. Very shallow fields of water sitting over a very carefully flattened and rollered clay mud where something lives.

Clay rollers

No idea what these are being left to dry in the sun

Out resort was at Chanson Beach, it was a very nice room but the bed was really uncomfortable.

Chaosamran Beach

We ate out tonight right on the beach with two fish dishes and fried rice, all lovely before trying to sleep!


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