Wang Manao near the 35 and 4 main roads Saturday 8th December

During the night it poured with rain heavy at times, it didn’t seem to stop. By the time we were ready to go it had dropped away to light rain. You may think this is bad but it brought temperatures down to a mere 23°C and made the cycling quite pleasant, with it being so warm we did not bother with waterproofs, all the scooter riders just had t-shirt shorts and flip flops on.

Look at the bird on the scarecrows hat

The rain stopped with us most of the day ensuring we were always damp.

A nice bridge crossing the irrigation ditch

Learning from yesterday’s cycling we planned to use mainly small roads today which worked out very well apart from one section, the road was actually now a muddy track, that red-brown mud that sticks to everything. We even had to push it through some parts, but thankfully it soon changed to a sealed road again.

Muddy and sticky

Remember the lotus flowers? There were some large pools where they were being grown, it must be right at the end of the season for them with only the odd flower visible.

Pink lotus flower

There were a few more hills to be seen today (but not cycled up!)

Taking his ox for a walk, note the hills behind

After crossing Route 4, not an easy task, Relax House our motel awaited only to give us a fright, they had no booking reference and were full tonight. Eventually the booking was found and a room found as well, we were at one with the world again.

Who can resist a puppy, these were running around the motel

For our meal we walked across the footbridge to a small cafe / restaurant where we had a nice Pad Thai. The supermarket next door is famous for it’s pork products so what pork product do you think we brought? ….. yes a bag of pork scratchings, mighty fine they were as well.

A sculpture in the shopping area

Today we recorded the cycle ride on Strava.

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