Chom Bueng eventually Friday 7th December

Our easy day turned out to not be so easy.

It started well, nice quiet roads, even the ones which had a number 3206 which seemed like our A roads were no problem cycling down.

Leaving Kanchanaburi

We got off these where we could on to smaller roads, some only dirt tracks but these were almost traffic free.

The traffic free option

A rural railway station

Along every road there seemed to be a temple, these varied from painted and groomed to perfection all the way down to very weary and the roof needs fixing.

A perfect temple

Here we encountered our first wild monkeys, Macaques, they scattered when we approached. These particular ones were less used to people.

After 50 km our guest house which should have been here was not here. Double checking revealed that the map position and directions given by Agoda the booking site we used were 50 km out. We had booked a place actually 1 km from out start point today!

A consult with Google gave options another 25 km away, off we set. Did we mention the 45 °C temperatures? But we continued as the cycling was flat eventually getting to a very basic hotel where for £12.50 the room was OK.

A butterfly lands next to us

Thai oxen, we saw a lot of these today

After showering and swilling out all the clothes we were wearing today we set off in search of food, two closed restaurants later we must have looked lost (or just hungry) because a pickup pulled up with a young couple in, then a massive miscommunication occurred, we wanted food they thought we wanted to go to the university buildings! Eventually it was sorted out and we were back where we started, note to self make absolutely sure we are understood.

Bananas we also saw a lot of these today

It was now time to call it a night making do with the last of our food; toast, jam, fruit and nuts. First stop in the morning will have to be a supermarket.

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