River Kwai Kanchanaburi Thursday 6th December

The breakfast here is much better than our Bangkok hotel, the location looking at the “Bridge Over The River Kwai” helps as well!

The Bridge Over The River Kwai from our breakfast table

Water lilies in the margins of the river

There was no longer any excuse for not reassembling our bicycles, as they were pretty thoroughly stripped down to fit in the boxes.

Everything went together easily enough, we still have the continuous oil leak from Janet’s Rohloff which in turn means the screws holding the axle plate keep undoing (yes oil is really good at reducing friction).

Then it was a test cycle out, off to the site of the allied war graves in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. It was an immaculately tended cemetery holding some 6800 graves.

On the way back we had to pop in to our local Tesco Express. Only to buy water, alcohol sales are not allowed until 5:00 pm.

They just get everywhere

It took some time to plan tomorrow, a shortish day to see how we go in the heat and humidity to somewhere we are going to get a place to stay. It worked out to around 50 kilometres.

Now that’s what I call a lampost

For our meal tonight the food hall in the local store was very inexpensive 100 Bhat for two meals.

As we walked back to the resort (yes we are posh now) the street illuminations had been switched on. All the stalls are still here as there is live music tonight by 25 Hours, here is a link to them on YouTube if you are interested, we passed. LINK here.

The lights have come out along the main street Kanchanaburi

Our own lizard comes to say hello

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