Bridge over the River Kwai Wednesday 5th December

After our late night last night, we had a later breakfast then took a stroll out to try and find a bookstore not far from the hotel. Sadly once again Google failed us, no bookstore at all. Back to the hotel for a final pack up as we have a taxi booked to take us and our still boxed bicycles to Kanchanburi better known as the location of The Bridge Over The River Kwai.

The show ends (see later)

It took quite a while to get out of the sprawling Bangkok suburbs, but soon enough the high rise rise flats gave way to single and two storey homes which in turn slowly became greener and greener.

Around a two hour drive and we arrived at our “Resort” where we have a room and porch area, with lots of space the first time for a while.

Bicycles still in our boxes

First we walked around 200 metres to the bridge, there were a lot of people here along with dozens and dozens market stalls. Every year at the start of December a week of concerts is held and a reenactment of the bridge building, we are fortunate to arrive today as the re enactment is tonight. We purchased tickets, went for a shop and ate a late lunch.

Steam train, not working

The “bridge”

More “bridge”

At 7.00 pm we were seated and the show started, the story of the bridge was told, it was visually outstanding, explosions (not small whimpy ones but huge feeling you whole body vibrate ones), acting, fight scenes, storytelling event real people set on fire and jumping from the bridge and fireworks to finish. We feel really lucky to happen on this, it was a superb show and a great end to the day.

A real working steam train crosses the River Kwai

Fireworks to finish

I have put a video on YouTube showing some of the action. The link is HERE.

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