Bangkok Monday 3rd December

After a very good night’s sleep it was straight down for the hotel breakfast, this one was good. It has all the usual breakfast things, we ate lots.

Traffic waiting at the lights

A road next to Lumphini Park

Then it was off out shopping for a few items, a SIM for the phone, chain for the bicycles and a few bits of clothing for warmer weather.

Across the lake in Lumphini Park

Impressive wiring here

The SIM we ended up with is AIS thirty day unlimited data for around 600 bhat.

A couple of bicycle chains were easy to track down, but single speed chains are becoming less common.

And of course some clothes, these we found in a huge shopping mall, so big we had difficulty finding our way out!

Guess what time of year it is

Between bicycle shops we walked through Lumphini Park, this is the largest green space in Bangkok.

In the park we saw several Nile Monitor Lizards, one had caught a turtle and was eating it on the bank of the lake. They are actually a pest here and some have been captured and removed, 100 of the estimated 400 in the park. Some have grown to 3 metres long.

Monitor lizard

Look closely for the poor turtle

Outside the park we brought some sweet and some savoury pancakes from a street vendor, very nice they were as well.

After a walk back and shower, did we mention the heat? It was off out for food, fish tonight it was really lovely.

That was our tourist day done, more tomorrow though. We flicked through the TV channels, there was one showing live cock fighting, as tempting as that was we went for the Shrek movie instead.

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