Almost in Kobe, camping in Hiraiso Ryokuchi Park, Tuesday 27th November

A rather leisurely get up today before wandering down to the 1st floor for our “included in the expensive room price” breakfast. This time there was cereal, fruit, rolls and jam as well as the full Japanese breakfast. Not too bad to start the day with.

A bright boat in an otherwise drab looking day

This has everything you need a train and a bridge!

Leaving the hotel we followed small streets and roads including our favourite Route 2 for a short while.

We stumbled on a very neat section of road in the middle of nowhere

Then we picked up an actual cycle path which ran underneath the Japan Railways Bullet train line. We stopped on this for much of the day before turning back to the coast.

Follow that railway

When back on the coast we followed another cycle path along the ” sea front” you could see (no pun intended) a lot of investment had gone into this but for some reason most of the paths and parks lack in basic maintenance.


The cycle path at the coast


This is what having a lot of bicycles does when you all want to park them at the train station

You could see the Akashi – Kaikyo bridge in the distance, past this is where we are going to be searching for a park camping spot.


All waiting for something

The bridge is very impressive, but the government failed to put in any cycle or pedestrian access along it, drive or you do not go across to Awaji Island. The bridge has the world’s largest central span for a suspension bridge at just under 2 km.

Akashi – Kaikyo bridge

Once past the bridge we scoured every park area until we found a very quiet one, that was it then our room for the night. It is right next to the railway and a main road so it is very noisy but it works for us.

And of course a manhole cover or two.

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