Himeji by ferry Monday 26th November

It was a lot warmer last night, no risk of frost.

Today was easy cycling, around 15 km to Fukuda Port on Shodoshima Island the a ferry to Himeji and a 6 km cycle to our hotel.

A view down to a sheltered bay

Our tent was pitched right by that beach last night

The cycle to the ferry was lovely, nice quiet roads a little hilly but never steep. The day was again hazy, probably worse than yesterday so any views were very limited.

We did try to visit the Yoshida Onsen but it was closed for the winter!

There was a long section of the coast which had been heavily quarried for stone.

The remains of a quarry

At Fukuda Port the we had to wait for one hour before getting tickets at ¥3900 including our two bicycles. The ferry was almost empty (on a Monday in November, are you surprised?)

Waiting to pounce

Arriving at the port

Our Olive Line ferry was silky smooth, hardly a wave in sight.

Our ferry

The quarrying theme continued, it seemed like whole islands had been designated as being OK to quarry removing most of the island. The cost of needing resources is often hidden, when you buy that bag of lovely stone chippings do you think what has been removed to make this? Most of us would say no.

An island being slowly removed by boat

Once we had docked it was a flat cycle to the hotel, next to the train station. It is a really nice town with a good shopping area. So what did we do but shop, only a little though.

There were three manhole covers for you to savour.

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