Kobe Beach Shodoshima Island Sunday 25th November

No frost last night but still cold, you have to say a warm sleeping bag is worth its weight in gold.

The lake next to the tent on a still early morning

By the time we were ready to set off the park had woken and there were the usual quick walkers, runners and dog walkers passing by looking at us very strangely.

It was only 9 km to the port at Shim-Okayama along quiet roads apart from a large bridge but this has a cycleway and some excellent views. Unfortunately the clarity of the last two days had gone and it was very hazy in the distance.

A view towards Okayama centre from the bridge

At the port we got our tickets for ourselves and our bicycles for 2,600 yen and right on time the 10:30 ferry left at 10:30.

The sister ship of our ferry

It was a very good ferry, looking not too old at all with excellent observation decks, if only that haze would go!

Coastal industry

A one hour crossing and we disembarked at Tonosho. A very nice town with many places to buy soy sauce, this is THE place to get it.

Soy sauceless we left and rode through the middle of a marathon race, today was Shodoshima Islands marathon attracting a lot of runners.

Food station for the runners

It was a bonus for us as there were several roads closed to cars but we could cycle them making it perfect cycling.

The road followed the coast as they do, with many undulations! Passing small villages until at Kobe Beach we got to an unmarked and deserted campsite. We just picked a spot and set up our tent.

Camping by the sea

We are right next to the sea and it is so peaceful here compared with the main island.

This brings another bright sunny day to a close and what a lovely day.

To finish a bird of prey perched and ready.

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