Camping in a Park, Okayama Saturday 24th November

Temperatures dropped to near zero last night and we had a frosty tent as a present in the morning. We were both snug and warm in our sleeping bags despite the low temperature.

Sunset at the park


Today’s cycle started off following a costal road, when I use the word costal it really is the sea, the costal sea wall (tsunami resistant) then the road.

Most of the coast is lined with these barriers

We passed small beaches and towns along the way, the way was around 15 kilometres.

A small beach and a fisherman with the never far away industry

And we passed a dinosaur or two in another park

Then we followed very small single land roads for most of the day. These passed through a mixture of residential areas and farmland or both.

Farm, house, road and water everything is here

After stopping for a shop as we entered the suburbs of Okayama. Our task find a quiet place to camp, we started around the river (always a good place to look) but nothing looked any good. Next it was off to any large park, in this case a Park and Garden next to the River Sasagase.

It was packed with families and dog walkers but looked a good place to stay. We just had to wait for the early sunset and cold night to work in our favour. By 6:00 pm it was empty so up went our tent close to toilets and a drinking fountain.

Sorted for the night we made ourselves warm ready for zero again tonight.

There were some more manhole covers today.

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