Kasaoka a cycle of two halves Friday 23rd November

Happy Thanksgiving here in Japan, a national holiday today. There was still a lot of people at work though.

It was quite chilly last night but the promised sun did make an early morning appearance.

The last bridge

Underneath the bridge

Once packed it was straight in to our final climb up to our last bridge (tears at the ready), this was different from all the other bridges as we had a cycleway under the main carriageway it did feel a little cage like though.

The usual drop down to a nice coast road for the rest of the way on Mukaishima Island. Again we passed several ship builders, there is an incredible amount of industry on these small islands.

Tugboat pulling a large work platform

Gettting off the final island is by ferry only and you have three to choose from, one is foot, bicycle and moped only this is the one we used. 210 yen for a six minute crossing.

All aboard!

The ferry

From the dock the next part of the cycle ride could not be more different, no quiet road, no next to the sea loveliness.

Industrial skyline

We followed the number 2 road on and off, leaving Onomichi, cycling through Fukuyama to finish in Kasaoka. It was all very industrial.

After a supermarket shop it was camping time.

We did hunt around a little for a camp spot eventually finding one in a park next to the river. Not too scenic but flat and quiet.

Nearly forgot some manhole covers.

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