Miyajima and climbing Mount Misen, sightseeing today Monday 19th November

Today was a day off from cycling, it must be sightseeing time. Not far from the hotel we caught a ferry which takes you down the Ota River and out into Hiroshima Bay to finish in Itsukushima (or better known as Miyajima) an island off the mainland.

A view from the top of Mount Misen

On the inner Japanese sea

This island has Itsukushima Shrine (a UNESCO world heritage site) with a Torii (a traditional shinto gate at the entrance to a shrine) standing out in the sea welcoming you to the island. To find out about the island go HERE.

There are wild deer here as well roaming everywhere without any fear of people, but they have become scavengers eating whatever is given / left by tourists.

Miyajima Deer

It was a short walk to the shrine where a small entrance fee allows you to walk around, even with the many visitors there you could feel the peacefulness and calm hanging there waiting to wrap you up. There were several people praying in the temple.

Itsukushima Shrine

Torii Gate

In prayer

Itsukushima Shrine

As you do on a day off we walked to the top of Mount Misen, well I say walked we did cheat and catch a cable car most of the way up leaving a 30 minute stretch of the legs to get us to the top. The views were spectacular but still not crystal clear (we will get that clear day eventually!). On the way down we lit a candle in Reika-do Eternal Fire Hall, the fire has been continually burning for 1200 years.

A short clip of the view can be seen HERE.

Janet displays superstrength normally kept hidden by lifting huge rocks with one hand

You walk through many maple trees which are glorious this time of year.

Just maples

We reversed this to get back down, walking via Toyokuni Shrine with it’s five-storied pagoda along with a number of other temples.

Shrine and pagoda

The ferries are very flat, they need to be to pass under the bridges when the tide is high, I felt like I would bump my head on one when we passed underneath.

Our flat ferry on the right a normal ferry in the distance

To finish off the day we took another walk out down Heiwa Odori where there are some fabulous illuminations, and the really nice thing is you are not barriered off from them but encouraged to be part of them.

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