Ferry to Shimonoseki Japan 13th and 14th November

As we had to be at the port by 5.00 pm to put our bicycles in a container (the ship leaves at 9.00 pm) we had a whole day to relax. So we shopped a little, I replaced a pair of socks which had just worn out and all of a sudden the day had gone.

One of the clearest days in Korea we have had

View from the guesthouse rooftop

A 2 km ride to the port and we purchased our tickets, one way to Shimonoseki. You have to fill in an “application” form with passport information, address in Korea and an address in Japan. This form, your passport and proof you have some way of leaving Japan as well plus ₩204000 got us our tickets. We had booked a ferry back (with free cancellation) as our proof so we can change it once we know the exact date we will be leaving. There was also a fuel charge of ₩14000 to pay in cash and bicycle carriage fee of ₩20000.

Departure lounge Busan

We wheeled our bicycles down to floor 1 and the baggage area at the end of the car park where we unloaded our luggage as they only that a bag free bicycle.

Now only 2 hours until we board at 6.10 pm, we sat and watched the world go by, just like students in my class always did!

Our ferry

Then we were through immigration (Korean side) and on the ship waiting until the 9.00 pm departure.

The ship is a very old fashioned one, looking like the 1950’s. We had a double bunk in a corridor.

The restaurant

Around 8.00 pm we ate and very shortly after watched the brightly illuminated harbour and bridge recede slowly into the night as we left.

Janet slept like a log, one which was impersonating a bullfrog. The bunk was made for shorter people I found it uncomfortable.

There is no moving these chairs!


In the morning there it was Japan, we docked and at 7.30 am we went off through immigration (Japanese) where you give them the immigration form. After this we got our bicycles back and wheeled them through customs (where you give them ghe customs form) only to be stopped and taken to one side and quizzed on our expected travels in Japan.

Once through all of this we were stopped again by a plain clothed police officer and asked the same questions again. I think Janet must look very dodgy, and they did keep asking if we had any gold on us.

See the sign

Now finally out we found our hotel and left the bicycles and luggage there (too early to check in).

Shopping next, three things

  1. Money, you can only use a non Japanese bank card in an ATM at the post office (only in opening hours) or 7/11 shops. Tick
  2. Charger, the plug is the American style two flat pin plug, Tick
  3. SIM card, they are strict in Japan with these we (well I say we, Robert who we met yesterday did the tracking) followed directions to Edion and got a 2 gb data only SIM. tick

Now we got our room but was very disappointed that it was a smoking room, it stunk in fact the whole floor smelt. It is very strange it is allowed here, and not a mistake we will make again.

Finally after some route planning for tomorrow it was time to sleep.

A manhole cover, Shimonoseki is the place to eat Fugu

Fugu to serve this you need a licensed chef to prepare and cook it due to the poison it contains. More information HERE. And there is a good episode of the Simpsons based around Fugue.

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