Busan and sorting the ferry crossing Monday 12th November

After our supplied by guesthouse breakfast of cereal, toast and eggs we had a walk to the International Ferry Terminal. This is around a mile from the guesthouse.

International Ferry Terminal Busan

Inside on the 3rd floor is the ticket desks for the various ports in Japan you can go to.

First we checked the Beetle Ferry, who run a fast ferry to Fukoka but they do not take bicycles on this one. The other ferry run by Camellia is overnight and the ticket office does not open until 4.00 pm. The ferry to Shimonoseki ticket office was open so asking there we got the details, they have to have proof of onwards travel to book this ticket so we left this for the moment.

There was only looking for new socks to do then (the exciting life of a traveller!) Even this was unsuccessful.

Back in the guesthouse we ate lunch and booked a return ferry, which we can cancel once we are in Japan! By then it was time to go back to the ferry terminal.

Every city everywhere has a chinatown

As we arrived an American, Robert was booking himself on to the Shimononseki Ferry, we hooked on to him like a leech following him so we now know what to do about getting your bicycle onto this ferry! After chatting a while we left him to board his ferry and headed into town for a dumpling supper which was very nice and dumplingly.

Busan has a Bullring Bull (but not neutered!)

Now to book some Japanese accommodation.

Another night picture from the guesthouse roof

And another

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