Two days travelling, a ferry to Mokpo then bus to Busan 10th / 11th November

We just kind of bumbled around the guesthouse before cycling 5 km to the port to catch the only ferry today at 5.00 pm. This took nearly 5 hours to get into Mokpo, so at 10.00 pm we went looking for somewhere to stop for the night. First stop was the same motel we used on the way over and by 11.00 pm we were settled with a very nice pizza and even watched Groundhog Day with Korean subtitles.

Sunset from the ferry

Our ferry ready to go

The ferry terminal building Jeju

It was another 5 km to the bus terminal in Mokpo, a bus was just getting ready to go so we had no waiting at all. This was a premier service and we had even more legroom, a very comfortable journey. This bus used the motorways and was faster than the last one it took 4 hours.

Another tunnel between Mokpo and Busan

The motorway must have cost enormous sums of money, there are dozens of tunnels and hundreds of bridges as it makes its way across the mountainous countryside.

Once back in Busan it is a 12 km cycle from the bus terminal to the international ferry terminal. Before we left Will a cyclist from Bewdley got off another bus, he has been cycling for three and a half years now and had just finished Jeju and is off to Japan next what a coincidence. The guest house overlooks this ferry terminal making it a short cycle when we leave.

Will from Bewdley

A view back towards West Busan

But the 12 km also included a 240m climb (push!) But did give good views looking back into West Busan, the city is split by a 500m plus mountain.

A view forwards to East Busan

After toiling it did give us a very nice descent to our Guest House, on the 7th floor with fabulous views of the harbour and bridges. There is even a Lotte Mall next door a little like Selfridges.

The bridge at the port is lit at night

And it changes colour!

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