Hallasan Mountain yet another day sightseeing Friday 9th November

Today just to rest from cycling what could we do but go walking.

Mount Hallasan is another UNESCO natural world heritage site, it is classed as an active volcano (to be active a volcano must have erupted in the last 10,000 years, Hallasan erupted 5,000 years ago in 1007). It is the highest point in South Korea, the top is 1947 metres above sea level (or 6388 feet). More information


The leaves had fallen from most of the trees except these lovely red ones

We are going up the Seongpanak Trail, 9.6 km up and 9.6 km down, and for all PE teachers out there that is 19.2 km in total. In order to get to the top you must have reached the 7.6 km shelter by midday or you would not be allowed to continue.

First step catch another bus, this time the 281 from City Hall, which drops you right at the start of the trail. Even though it was a very cloudy day there were still lots of people walking it.

Then we were off, the walking I would describe as steady with one short steeper section but long sections where the path is very rough across lava boulders.


Started off nice boarded walk


Then the boards went giving a very rocky path to follow


Then it steepened up


More boards more steps more steepnessĀ 


Looking back down the steepest section, yes the visibility was that bad

Our start time of 7.50 am meant we were on our way back down when the trail was closed. As you can see from the pictures we failed to see the magnificent views from the top but that is a mountain and it’s weather for you.


At the top this was the queue to take a picture of yourself next to the official “you are at the top” stone


Janet next to the less official “you are at the top” piece of wood


The truly magnificent view from the top

It took us 8 hours to complete the whole thing and the bus was packed on the way back so we had to stand!


Some nice contrasting colours when it brightened up slightly on the descent

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