Manjanggul Lava Tube, a day sightseeing 8th November

Our cunning plan paid off, getting to Jeju City yesterday in the dry rather than cycling today as it poured with rain early on, light rain most of the day and heavy thunderstorms around 4.00 pm.


Manjanggul cave

It was a very good day to go see a cave, not any old cave but Manjanggul Lava Tube, yet another natural UNESCO world heritage site. These are formed when lava hardens on the outside but still flows inside. This one is 7.4 km long , with 1 km open to the public. More information HERE.

To get there we first brought a T Money Card to allow us to tap on and off the buses, the basic fare is ₩1350. Then we hopped on the 201 bus, we thought it strange how everyone was sitting at the from of the bus until we set off. The driver had the on / off bus driving method, the brakes were off / fully on or the accelerator was off / on the floor. Which brings me back to everyone seated at the front, I do not think they could actually survive the long walk to the back seat with this driver, I am sure we were airborne a couple of times over the speed bumps.


The screen tells you all, as a bonus you can see how short most people are in korea

If you could manage to open your eyes long enough there is a nice screen display naming all the stops in English along with a recorded message again in English telling you the name, how could we go wrong?

After 40 minutes we staggered off the bus and walked 2.4 km to the cave entrance, getting wet in the light rain.

It costs ₩2000 each to go in, if you had any mobility issues this is not for you.

You walk 1 km underground in a huge tube, it is very impressive, amazing to think of molten rock flowing along the passage.

At the end there is a 7.6 m larva column, this is were you turn back.

We really enjoyed the cave, well worth the effort to get here.

The return journey was just like a normal bus trip, how boring.

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