Back to Jeju City cycle path completed Wednesday 7th November

Our hotel even did a breakfast, Korean style kimchi etc plus toast, cereal and eggs. We stuffed ourselves in preparation for the day ahead (now being an expert on kimchi we can say that the kimchi served here was not so good). Information break ….. on average a Korean eats 18 kg of Kimchi a year.


Looking back towards Seongsan Ilchulbong

The wind had increased considerably and there was a lot of heavy looking clouds around, the sea colour had changed from the blues of the last few days to a steely grey without the sun shining.


Ducks on the sea!

The route continued along right next to the sea for the next 30 km, again we passed many small ports, inlets and very small beaches.


Squid boats, the row of huge bulbs are there to attract the squid at night

For the remaining 35 km it was a mixture of small road next to the sea and main road with a dedicated cycle path, all very enjoyable riding. The wind even though it was strong did not hinder us very much with the path taking a very winding route as it followed the coast.


Windy and grey looking

There was one final climb where near the top there were good views of the port where our ferry had docked 5 days ago. A descent down into Jeju City and our backpackers accommodation, the room is basic but you have access to a laundry and good kitchen plus it is well located in the centre of town.


Looking down into Jeju City Harbour and the ferry we can across on a few days ago

We have booked in for three nights, only there are a couple of sight seeing things we want to do over the next two days.


A fully stamped cycle passport looks like this for Jeju

Once showered off we went in search of food, to celebrate completing the 234 km route around the island we went all piggish with huge ice cream desserts. They were nice but not quite as gooey as we would have liked.


We picked the low calorie option for tonight’s overindulgence

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