South of Sindo Island Port Sunday 4th November

Goodbye Jeju City R&T Hotel, a decidedly average hotel. To start with we headed down to the harbour and picked up the cycle path, well to begin with it was more like some cycle signs painted on to the pavement not at all like we were used to.


A view across Yongduam Rock towards Jeju City

There was a coachload of western tourists near the first certification point, the first we have seen. They had stopped to see Yongduam Rock, a black volcanic rock looking like a dragons head.


Cycling past Jeju Airport

Next was the first beach, Iho Beach, not very big but there were quite a few people on it.


Iho beach


Haesuyokjang beach


Fields of cacti grown for their fruit used in health drinks


Squid on a washing line to dry in the sun


Wind farm complete with a fish sculpture

The cycle path improved it was separate from the road in places now. And another beach, Haesuyokjang, this is a nice place it even has a campground next to it. At 45 km it is too soon to stop so we continued for 15 km before getting a fabulous room overlooking the sea. We ate our tea while watching the sun set, lovely.


Sunset from our


Always fishermen everywhere

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