Ferry across to Jeju City Saturday 3rd November

We had to be on our way by 7.30 am this morning, there was a short cycle to the ferry building, well to find the ferry building first then buy the tickets.


Janet attempts to look like she understands a map (look closely it is upside down)


The ferry leaves Mokpo

It cost ₩3000 for each bicycle and ₩35400 each person, the booking was maee very easy as at the ticket office they spoke very good english.


A huge bridge we sail under

You then wheel your bike into a steel container in the car and lorry part of the ferry but you cannot board there you have to return to the ticket office and get on as a foot passenger. That was it, easy and four hours or so later the ship docked in Jeju City Harbour.


Many islands passed on the way to Jeju

The journey across was uneventful, we did pass a lot of smaller islands, everywhere shrouded in the every present fog so the views whilst nice were never spectacular.


Jeju City Harbour

Once off the ferry we made our way to the hotel we had booked, the room was very large but poorly appointed, we will not stop here on the way back, it was not expensive at ₩39850 a night.


A band playing in the street

We did have a wander around yet another huge market, Dongmun Traditional Market and Dongmun Fish Market. Our main purchase was the Jeju Mandarins called Hellabong (a type of Dekopon mandarin), very sweet and juicy.

2 thoughts on “Ferry across to Jeju City Saturday 3rd November

    • That’s the whole problem she has no idea!
      But we are in South Korea, you can go on organised and approved cycling trips only in North Korea, interestingly women were banned from cycling until 2012 as it was considered immodest and socially undesirable and all bicycles have registration plates like cars.


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