A slow coach to Mokpo Saturday 2nd November

Our coach leaves the terminal at 10.10 am and it is an 8 km cycle away so we left with plenty of time to spare. It was a cycle path all of the way, apart from a set of steps to negotiate part way.

A view on the way to the bus terminal

Steps and bicycles never go together

Once at the terminal, the coach leaves from bay 25, it was a matter of waiting. Right on time it arrived and we loaded the bicycles into the hold and sat in our very comfortable seats with massive leg room, National Express take note.

Our coach

Look at the leg room here

For the next five and a half hours we watched the countryside and towns pass by, there are a lot of stops along the way including two toilet breaks. The driver was what you would describe as assertive (mad!) as we were thrown around a number of times.

Eating deep fried spicy chicken and cheese stick and looking cool at the same time, not easy to do

Arriving in Mokpo Bus Terminal we cycled 4 km towards the dock area before finding a Motel, this leaves around 1.5 km to get to the ferry tomorrow.

View from our 7th floor motel room

Mokpo at night

This is a very grainy picture of our hotel at night, they all look bright and spangly at night

A long days travelling but very straight forward with no problems.

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