Busan a day sightseeing 1st November

An extremely leisurely start today, at around 10.00 am we caught the metro to downtown Busan.

A street opposite Gukje Market

First off to the market, Gukje Market to be exact. It proved to be huge, everything you need and lots of other stuff you can get here. We spent a while aimlessly wandering around here.

A market entrance

From here a short walk down to Jagalchi Fish Market which was truly amazing, if a little disturbing. There was stall after stall of fish, dried fish, live fish (and some not looking so alive as well) all for sale.

Of course we are by the sea now, Busan is a very busy port

Tomorrow we are going to catch a coach to Mokpo around 300 km West, from here we take the ferry to Jeju Island. So the next stop was the coach station to buy tickets ₩45000 one way for both of us. Google translate worked wonders.

Another general street

That was the day gone apart from some pizza!

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