Nakdong a very wet ride Friday 26th October

When our friendly cockerel woke us this morning there was a pitter patter of rain on the tent. A wet start to the day, the first one in South Korea. Once packed up the first 43 km was a backtrack to where we were two days ago.

Early morning dampness

Most of the fields which were a hive of activity yesterday now stood empty and wet. With just a few fields being planted with spring onions.

A few people planting

The rain got heavier and it was a full waterproof day, then just when you least want it, a puncture in Janet’s rear tyre, after pushing our bikes across a bridge we fixed the puncture under shelter.

It was off again on new track now, crossing a very impressive dam where even the towers has bicycle art embedded in them.

If you look closely you can see the bicycle in the tower

Guess what? Another puncture right outside the bicycle museum (closed today) another small piece of glass.

The bridge across to the cycle museum

We continued with a little up and down arriving in town around 4.30 pm, 75 km ride in the rain. The motel cost us 35,000 won it has a huge round bed, very nice.

Out for some food, we walked past a number of restaurants (twice!) Selecting one at random. It was an excellent choice, they were very helpful the translate feature on the phone assisting a lot. Kimchi stew was on the menu, one beef and one bean paste. This was served with a sticky rice, seaweed sheets, seaweed salad, pumpkin, fried eggs, kimchi, tofu and a chilli dip. Then a Korean sweet potato which was very sweet, some roasted chestnuts, an apple and two Korean teas (cold) good for your insides. A very nice meal.

The meal in all it’s glory 

By now it was 9.00 pm way past our bed time, more tomorrow.

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