A return to Andong please, Thursday 25th October

There was no sign of the sun this morning, it was well hidden behind the mist and at 7°C a bit chilly as well.

It is around 23 km into Andong city where the start (or finish) of the 4th river is, the plan is to cycle in and then back to Maaeri stopping at the same spot again.

It is not just a nice flat ride into Andong there are two half a kilometre climbs of 7% on the way there (and back of course), the 7% must be an average as it is nearer 10% near the top.

The rest of the way is lovely flat cycle paths next to the river.

Next 4 pictures are nice river photos.

We actually saw some wildlife today, a small and a larger bird of prey in the distance and two snakes slithered across the cycle track (well the snakes happened yesterday but I forgot to include it in the blog) and several birds.

We have see quite a lot of these cranes

As we neared Andong Dam the end (or start) appeared in the usual form of a red booth, at the water information point they actually had the official book to collect the stamps (remember they had sold out at the very beginning), we are now equipped with a nice shiny book waiting to be stamped.

The return journey was via Homeplus a large supermarket chain to pick up provisions for tonight.

Our lunch stop was on the bridge across the river then there was nothing for it, just two more hills to climb then a nice return to the park where we are camping.

A field of pink muhly grass

There is stone age man exhibit here which was now open, right by where we are there were stone tools found all now housed in a small museum.

It was 3.00 pm now time for a cup of tea before eating while we wait until the sun sets signalling sleep.

No mist compare to the first picture

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