Maaeri our longest cycle for a while Wednesday 24th October

Outside our window a cockerel who cannot tell the time started up at 3.00 am waking us, only for a short few moments though until a far more respectable 7.30 am arrived.

Once on our way we crossed the river on a sort of footbridge then it was cycle track for virtually all of today.

Over the footbridge next to the motel

It was around 25 km before the final stamp booth of the Senate Cycle Track, this also serves as the eleventh stamp on the Nakdonggang River section. This section of river will take us all the way to Busan in 369 km of riding. Just for fun we are going to get the twelfth and final stamp of that cycle path, it needs an extra 65 km of cycling each way though.

We did meet our second pair of Europeans, two guys from France. We chatted a while, they were doing the Four Rivers in eleven days (including getting from and back to France) so needed to cover bigger distances every day.

Swapping information with the French

Over the river and then we continued upstream on some very nice cycle track.

View from the track

A view of the track

Here there were a lot of farmers drying their rice crops on the track / road as the harvest season was in full swing.

Drying rice

A rice harvester in action

Several river crossings later we began to look for somewhere to stay for the night, there is a lack of motels in this very rural area so when we found the Rock Carved Forest Park with the wooden platforms nestling among the boxwood trees we halted and camped here. Being a little unsure as to if you can camp here we cooked and ate the evening meal before putting up the tent.

Our tent site

After the longer day sleep came quickly…….

Finish with a frog

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