Over the hill to Mungyeong Tuesday 23rd October

Today was a story of two climbs, the highest point on our route so far. It was straight out of Suanbo up the first hill, a steady 6% with occasional 8%.

Just over the top of tbe first hill

For this section we were riding on a very quiet road, only rarely did a car come past us. After 6 km we reached the top and were treated to 7 km of downhill, all almost passing effortlessly.

Near the bottom of the decor hill

Then came the highest, another 6 km of up, this time there were some fabulous views from the top and even a small tunnel to the other side before a 6 km descent bringing the day up to 24 km total so far.

On the way up

You can just see the top tunnel

View from the top

The tunnel at the top

On our way down

It was flat riding for the rest of the day along some lovely minor roads.

Down again

Lovely side road riding

In the end we found another Motel, this has the best room we have had so far large and very well furnished.

After the usual stuff we walked into the small town looking for food, we failed despite sitting down in a restaurant and trying to order using Google translate, we have to try harder!

Beautiful autumnal colours

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