Wellbeing Leisure Camp Site Friday 19th October

As there was no breakfast in this motel we just had a drink of tea then packed up and cycled back to the 4 Rivers Cycle Path.

Cycling out of Hanam

There was a lot of other cyclists in both directions to begin with enjoying the cooler morning.

It was around 10.30 am we stopped at a nice spot just above the weir for our breakfast, porridge of course, after reading the several milk labels all in Korean (not shocking at all) you can see the temperature it is treated at, 130°C is the UHT milk but better tasting is the 63°C pasteurized type (more expensive though). Also a nice pot of mixed fruit jam which was ….. nice.

Janet toiling over a hot stove

The stove fuel we brought in Seoul proved to work very well, we found 900 ml bottles of White Gasoline for 4000 won. While we ate breakfast the first non-asian cycle tourers stopped to say hi. Two German cyclists returning to Seoul after a 3 week cycle to Busan and back. The story of the conversation we had is this fabulous cycle path.

Beautiful views we have now

For the first time we passed through tunnels, the longest of which was 600 m, all of them only for cyclists and walkers, 6 or 7 tunnels in total.

Later on the number of cyclists reduced considerably, the previous section ran on an old railway and you can rent a bike one end and cycle to the other leaving the bike then just catch the train back to their start.

Here the cycle path joined a road for the first time, it also happened to be the biggest hill of the trip so far! Very quickly we were back on a cycle only track.

Ipo Bo weir / bridge

Just passed Joba weir we stopped at the Wellbeing Leisure Campsite. Our first camping in Korea, 15000 won. Here we cooked our noodle surprise for the main meal, quite spicy as everything Korean seems to be but not too bad.

Today has seen huge high rise cities replaced by smaller more rural towns, lots of farming on any flat land, and hills everywhere you look.


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