Hanam say hello Seoul wave goodbye Thursday 18th October

Today it was back on our bicycles and pick up the 4 Rivers Cycle Path again. The path is only a short distance from the guest house but we do need to use the lift to get down to it.

Lift down to the path (Janet is in the lift)

Once on the path it continued as before, lovely traffic free cycling. Visibility was a little better today, Seoul air quality officially green (meaning OK) and “ideal for outdoor activity” which is good for us.

Seoul looking clearer today

Cycling past many bridges, the Olympic Bridge stood out, strangely as it has a flame in the middle (an electric one) this has a rather chequered history, started in 1985 due to be opened for the 1988 Olympics it collapsed under construction and did not get completed until 1990, then the helicopter lowering the flame in place crashed killing all on board.

Olympic bridge

As we cycle along we are collecting the stamps along the way, we got concerned at stamp point three, it was not there! Luckily we are expert at looking helpless and someone came to our rescue and it had been moved, problem sorted.

Small stamping booth

We crossed over the Hangang River (or Han River) for a while before returning to the south bank. Before crossing back there was an impressive weir and the equally impressive Lotte World Tower in the background (Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in Korea and the fifth tallest in the world).

Weir and Lotte World Tower in the background

Then it was time for our first hill for a while but our legs still worked their magic and we got a nice downhill as a reward.

Hello Hanam

Across the river from Hanam

The cycle path into Hanam

As we neared Hanam we passed a whole series of abandoned pill boxes. After these it was into town to find somewhere to stop, there were some hotels all of them being “Love Hotels” where you can rent a room for short periods as well as overnight but all were too expensive.

Pill boxes

Cycling a little bit further and we found a Motel, definitely nothing to look at but the room was clean with its own toilet and bathroom, cost 40000 won (£27.00).

Motel Entrance

After a shower we had a look around the shopping area, finding a huge supermarket and food hall where we ate.

Once back we had a restful night’s sleep.

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