Batemans Bay Day 174 Tuesday 25th September

Today was a very special day, our last cycling day for a while. Once we got to Batemans Bay Colin and Maureen picked us up for another holiday week in our cycle journey.

Hills and beaches

The route today was only a short 22 km ride but quite hilly, lots of steep but short ups and downs.

We passed through a number small towns with more lovely beaches! Always lots of beach.

Beaches everywhere

There was a lot more road traffic as we neared civilisation, it does have one big advantage you generally get a cycle path, ours was a nice path for the last 5 km into Batemans Bay.

Batemans Bay bridge

Batemans Bay is a very nice town, with all the facilities you could want. We had arranged to meet Colin and Maureen at the information centre, shockingly we had a McDonalds coffee while we waited, the first visit to a McDonald’s (and the last unless we are desperate!)

Squid sculpture looking across Batemans Bay

It was lovely to see them both, with their lovely Ute just the right size for 2 bicycles and our accompanying gear.

We caught up with both of our travels over the last few months as we drove back to Colin’s home via a couple of beaches and headlands.

Once back we sampled some home made beer and had a lovely ham supper then after watching some TV had quite an early night in a proper bed.

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