Tomakin an almost flat days cycle! Day 173 Monday 24th September

Starting off on the good old A1 Princess Highway for around 13 km, today being a Monday there was a lot more traffic and the road quality varied a lot, generally OK though.

Mail boxes by the turnoff

Just before Moruya we left the main road and took a much more pleasant route into the town.

When we stopped for an ice cold expresso milk coffee, we noticed a cycle shop perhaps this is where we could get the helmet mounted mirror that we had so far failed to find. Alas it was the same here, but at put name here they did find a bar mounted one that fitted and shockingly also had the oil for our Rohloff hubs which now needs changing. As a bonus extra there are even two shiny bells attached to our bars, useful now that we see a lot more other bicycles and ride the dual use footpaths / cycleways in towns. What an excellent shop this proved to be Moruya Bicycles.

Janet also purchased a rather fetching sun visor at the sports shop, what a day for buying stuff now we have more stuff to carry! Nothing was thrown away though.

View from the bridge over River Moruya

After crossing the Moruya River just after town we took a right cycling down scenic drive 7, a lot nicer road, flat which followed the river passing the granite quarry where the pylon stones for Sydney Harbour Bridge were quarried from then turned to follow coast eventually arriving at Tomakin caravan park, $19 a very reasonable fee for an unpowered site and a nice site as well.

Historical quarry

There is a very nice swimming pool on site but it is way to cold for anyone to use, however there were some brave souls who were prepared to take a dip.

Perfect weather for a duck

After watching a little TV in the lounge it was all of a sudden dark and time for sleep.

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