Tuross Head Day 172 Sunday 23rd September

Again we woke early to watch a lovely sunrise from our tent.

Another sunrise in Narooma

From the caravan park a short steep hill led to the start of the Dalmeny cycle path, this is a really nice 12 km ride, not a car in sight!

It begins on leaving Narooma where cycle over Wagonga Inlet on a bascule opening span bridge (it can swing open to let tall boats through) then we followed the coast all the way back on to, yes here it is again, the A1 Princess Highway.

Bridge over Wagonga Inlet

The A1 was quite busy but only a small section had no shoulder so it wasn’t too bad. We did pass a dead snake, not too sure what it is, a whip snake or brown snake maybe.

Brown snake maybe

Overall it was a pleasant cycle to finish at Tuross Head, camping at the Tuross Lakeside Caravan Park, $21 And a very nice pitch right on the lakeside.

Lakeside pitch

To finish the day the winds increased considerably and it threatened rain, the first time in quite a while. We hunkered down in our tent warm and comfortable listening to it pass over.

A bird to finish on a plover or masked lapwing

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